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The Huseby Journal

Huseby, Inc., offers services than can keep San Francisco trial costs down

If you’re considering saving time and money by hiring a court reporter in San Francisco, you should also consider other services that can mitigate the cost of going to trial.

One is live deposition Web conferencing, which lets Huseby clients pool their firms’ strengths from anywhere in the world.

Streaming depositions brings a client’s tools together in a succinct but flexible format that can be used worldwide, which you stay in your home base in San Francisco. Whether you are an in-house risk manager wishing to view the deposition remotely or co-counsel interested in participating in and using live chat with local counsel across the world, Web conferencing provides a robust set of solutions no matter what your needs may be.

Features include:

  • Web conference live depositions with real-time transcript and exhibit sharing
  • Utilize a secure private chat room
  • Access, mark and annotate digital exhibits
  • Stream the live video directly from our professional videographer’s camera

Our San Francisco office is located at 505 Montgomery Street, 10th & 11th floors, San Francisco, California, 94111. Call (415) 432-6051 to find out how you can work closely with Huseby to explore creative solutions that provide the best value for you.