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Like four-decade Alabama stenographer, Huseby knows what it takes to be a great court reporter

StenkeysHuseby joins in celebrating four decades of court reporting by Gloria Inman of Etowah County, Alabama.

She was still in court reporting school in the late 1970s when a newly created judgeship needed a court reporter and she got the job, according to The Gadsden Times in Alabama which published a profile of Inman this week.

“I've been the only reporter that has held the position for place number four,” Inman said. “It was a created position, and I was allowed to take it because I was ready.”

She currently is the court reporter for Judge William Rhea III, a position she has held for 26 years.

In the story, Inman explains the skills needed to be a good court reporter and says she believes court reporting is an excellent career choice.

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Huseby’s high standards husebyhHuseby also knows what skills the best court reporters need.

Huseby screens court reporters before hiring to ensure their work meets the company’s high standards. When a reporter applies to work for Huseby, an account executive follows a rigorous reporter review process.

For attorneys and other legal professionals, the biggest benefit of working with Huseby, Inc. is we have an extensive network of court reporters available to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of working with Huseby to meet your court reporting needs, give us a call. We offer access to an extensive network of nationally certified, highly trained court reporting experts.

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