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What do legal professionals in Terre Haute, Lake Havasu, Huntsville and Pittsburgh have in common?

We’ve written a lot about our many Huseby locations across the U.S.

You’ve checked the list, but what if you’re looking for litigation services in Terre Haute, Indiana; or, say, Lake Havasu City, Arizona? What if you need videography in Huntsville, Alabama? Or real-time transcripts in Union City, California? Or document management in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

We can help you in those places, too.

HusebyConnect provides the ideal virtual deposition environment by bringing together the most effective, low-cost way to communicate with counsel and depose a witness anywhere in the world from the comfort of your office.

With Huseby connect, you can do the following:

  • Use a webcam or connect directly to a videographer's video feed to view live testimony.
  • View and interact with a real-time transcript feed, including highlighting, notes and issue coding.
  • Present, annotate and mark exhibits digitally.
  • Improve productivity by prepping a witness remotely.

For example: Streaming depositions bring a number of legal tools together in a succinct but flexible format that can be used worldwide. With HusebyConnect, it wouldn’t matter which of these cities you are working from -- you could be anywhere effectively connect around the world.

As a court reporting agency we employ videographers who understand both the technical aspects of video and the legal aspects of depositions. Video is synchronized with the transcript so searching even hours of testimony is easy.

Read more about Huseby deposition services here.

Click here to get more details, schedule a demonstration or to get started using HusebyConnect.

Here’s a quick look at some of our locations:

Our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our DeMichelle-Huseby office in Napa, California; Brandon Huseby Reporting & Video, in Hartford, Connecticut; Jones Reporting in Las Cruces, New Mexico; and Vowell, Jennings & Huseby in Nashville, and Memphis, Tennessee.

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Like four-decade Alabama stenographer, Huseby knows what it takes to be a great court reporter

StenkeysHuseby joins in celebrating four decades of court reporting by Gloria Inman of Etowah County, Alabama.

She was still in court reporting school in the late 1970s when a newly created judgeship needed a court reporter and she got the job, according to The Gadsden Times in Alabama which published a profile of Inman this week.

“I've been the only reporter that has held the position for place number four,” Inman said. “It was a created position, and I was allowed to take it because I was ready.”

She currently is the court reporter for Judge William Rhea III, a position she has held for 26 years.

In the story, Inman explains the skills needed to be a good court reporter and says she believes court reporting is an excellent career choice.

Read more.

Huseby’s high standards husebyhHuseby also knows what skills the best court reporters need.

Huseby screens court reporters before hiring to ensure their work meets the company’s high standards. When a reporter applies to work for Huseby, an account executive follows a rigorous reporter review process.

For attorneys and other legal professionals, the biggest benefit of working with Huseby, Inc. is we have an extensive network of court reporters available to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of working with Huseby to meet your court reporting needs, give us a call. We offer access to an extensive network of nationally certified, highly trained court reporting experts.

Click Here to schedule with Huseby or call (800) 333-2082 to speak directly with a scheduler.

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Latest report of court reporter shortage: Positions unfilled in Western Pennsylvania

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.00.12 AMWe’ve blogged about court reporter shortages in a number of places including California and South Carolina.

Now comes a story about court reporting positions that have been unfilled for months in Western Pennsylvania.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, there are a number of reasons for the shortage, including the closing of court reporting schools, the lure of captioning and low salaries.

One Western Pennsylvania judge who noted five reporters -- down from nine -- handle the work of four judges in that county, said, “It's gotten increasingly worse.”

There is one bright spot, according to the paper: There are 50 students enrolled in the court reporting program at the Community College of Allegheny County, the largest class in years.

Read more.

Court reporting services husebyhIf a shortage of court reporters in your area affects you or your litigation plans, Huseby, Inc. provides its clients with court reporting services across the United States.

All Huseby reporters are screened before hiring to ensure their work meets the company’s high standards. When a reporter wishes to work for Huseby, an account executive follows a stringent reporter-review process.

Huseby court reporters also provide real-time and daily transcripts of full and verbatim records. Huseby’s primary goal is to identify strategies, techniques and technologies that can save its clients time and money. Huseby works closely with its clients to understand the factors that drive their cases and to explore creative solutions that provide the best value for the clients’ money.

With office locations from coast to coast, Huseby is well-situated to provide improved access to justice and quality support services across the United States.

Click here to find a location and schedule a court reporter or other litigation services online.

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